Mangaka Guide

10 Reasons It’s Easier to Draw Manga Digitally

Artists disagree about the best method when it comes to drawing. Some argue that using traditional techniques are better. Others contend that drawing manga digitally is more convenient. This article will present that drawing manga is more manageable when done digitally. We still respect and admire the traditional art form. But, we also acknowledge that […]

How do Mangakas Learn to Draw (Step by Step Guide)

Most artists learn realism as a foundation for their drawings. But many who did this before learning manga-style art struggled to become mangakas. Why? Because their skills have to be aligned with their chosen industry. How do mangakas learn to draw? Mangakas learn to draw through trial and error from a young age before moving […]

Can a Non-Japanese person Become a Mangaka?

Every single manga artist you see interviewed and portrayed through Japanese media are Japanese. Right? But your hope is to also join the ranks create a manga that hits millions of readers, and live out your dream of becoming a mangaka. There’s a burning question that many are asking;  Can a non-Japanese become a mangaka? […]

11 Places to Post Your Manga Online FREE

So you’re a manga creator with the next big shonen or shojo hit and you don’t have access to publishing companies. Did you know that 35% of the manga industry is online and growing? Even Shueisha started releasing serialized manga online via their own platform. How can you take advantage of this trend? Without any […]

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