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Did Manga Have Influence on American Comics?

For the longest time, manga seems to have trailed behind American comics. In fact, manga was initially viewed as inferior to American comics by Westerners. Yet the times have shifted, and manga sales now trump American comics sales globally. Did manga have an influence on America Comics? Manga has indeed influenced American comics. This is […]

Do Manga Artists Draw Digitally? The Truth from Popular Manga Artists

Many mangakas are moving towards digital approaches to aid their drawing. This is surprising, especially if you notice specific details, shading, and effects, which look as if they could only come from a pen or brush.  Do manga artists draw digitally? Yes, 80% of manga artists use digital tools today to keep up with their […]

Mangaka Assistants Explained (Use, Abilities, and How Much They Make)

When a manga becomes successful, the spotlight usually falls on the mangaka. Meanwhile, in the background are mangaka assistants, who typically remain unnamed and uncredited. But did you know that many famous mangakas started as mangaka assistants? Mangaka assistants, as the name implies, assist mangakas in the development of manga. Their scope of work includes […]

How Long Does It Take to Become a Mangaka?

Within the past decade, manga as an art form has gained international recognition. Concurrently, the appeal of becoming a mangaka becomes more enticing to artists all over the world. You may be here wondering how much time you would need to commit to becoming a mangaka yourself. How long does it take to become a […]

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