What Do Manga Artists Use to Draw Digitally?

For a long time, manga artists have preferred using pen and paper to create their work. However, recent years have seen many of them transition to the digital age. Have you ever wondered what they use? What do manga artists use to draw digitally? Manga artists use Clip Studio Paint for drawing, paneling, and layering […]

Do Manga Artists Draw Digitally? The Truth from Popular Manga Artists

Many mangakas are moving towards digital approaches to aid their drawing. This is surprising, especially if you notice specific details, shading, and effects, which look as if they could only come from a pen or brush.  Do manga artists draw digitally? Yes, 80% of manga artists use digital tools today to keep up with their […]

10 Reasons It’s Easier to Draw Manga Digitally

Artists disagree about the best method when it comes to drawing. Some argue that using traditional techniques are better. Others contend that drawing manga digitally is more convenient. This article will present that drawing manga is more manageable when done digitally. We still respect and admire the traditional art form. But, we also acknowledge that […]

10 Best Manga Drawing Tablets and 2 That are Surprisingly Overpriced

You have a problem, Right? You want to make manga fast and effectively, but there are so many drawing tablets out there—different brands, sizes, features, etc. We selected 10 tablets out of 73 that you should consider when starting your digital manga art journey. Also two even though great options are too pricey. We also […]

How do Mangakas Learn to Draw (Step by Step Guide)

Most artists learn realism as a foundation for their drawings. But many who did this before learning manga-style art struggled to become mangakas. Why? Because their skills have to be aligned with their chosen industry. How do mangakas learn to draw? Mangakas learn to draw through trial and error from a young age before moving […]

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