Top 70 Best Manga Panels That Will Make You Stare

Best Manga panels of all time

Have you ever experienced reading manga, only to be completely dazzled by the artwork? Some Panels just stand out more.

The drawings and art style of a mangaka are critical to a manga’s success and popularity. It is then unsurprising that some panels go on to have acclaimed. These are admired not only within the fandoms but as artworks in and of themselves.

In this post, we will look at the 70 best manga panels ever drawn, in no particular order. We include famous and beautiful panels that will leave you speechless and some iconic moments that ended up in the anime adaptation. If you think some manga should have made this list let us know in the comments below.

We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get straight to it!

1.) Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Manga Panel
Slam Dunk manga panel

This panel is arguably Slam Dunk’s most iconic panel. Here, you can see Sakuragi and Rukawa’s high five at the end of the finals match. After years of disliking each other, they displayed this moment of camaraderie.

In this panel, Takehiko Inoue used action lines to display the fluidity of motion. He also shaded them to capture the emotion behind the scene. This abstraction determined the mood and composition of the drawing.

2.) Monster

Monster Manga Panel
Monster manga panel

This scene portrays the final stand-off between Tenma Kenzo and Johan. Observe Naoki’s Urasawa’s use of shading and shadow to create dimension in this scene. A closer look at the mountains would reflect the graphite creating soft outlines. In effect, this echoes the grass and landscape seen in real-life mountains.

3.) Oyasumi Punpun

 Oyasumi Punpun manga panel
Oyasumi Punpun manga panel

Oyasumi Punpun is a coming-of-age drama manga. Although it is a rather depressing read, it has some of the most stunning manga panels I have ever seen. Take this particular scene, for instance. The detail on the trees and the shed makes it look like a photograph instead of a drawing.

4.) Oyasumi Punpun

 Oyasumi Punpun manga panel
Oyasumi Punpun manga panel

This starry night panel from the manga also deserves mention. The joy and wonder in this panel contrast Oyasumi Punpun’s rather dark themes. The use of light and dark is especially stunning. You can almost imagine the drawing in color.

5.) Tsugumomo

 Tsugumomo manga panel
Tsugumomo manga panel

Yoshikazu Hamada is a brilliant artist with a strong grasp of anatomy. This image is incredibly well-blocked, as the level of detail is proportional to the scale of the view.

6.) Otoyomegatari

 Otoyomegatari manga panel
Otoyomegatari manga panel

Otoyomegatari is one of the best historical romance mangas ever written. However, its storyline is not the only thing that makes it stand out. Kaoru Mori’s artwork in this manga is top-tier.

The amount of detail in every panel makes every scene stunning. This is best portrayed in the image above. The crisp lines, the patterns, and the intricacies make it an award-winning favorite.

7.) Vagabond

Vagabond manga panel
Vagabond manga panel

Every manga reader who has ever encountered Vagabond will immediately put its artwork at the top of their “best” list. Takehiko Inoue also creates it.

In Vagabond, we see him take his classic artwork in Slam Dunk and move it to the next level. Notice how he makes use of shadow and grading in this scene. Different shades of black and gray are purposefully layered over each other. Yet, the characters are not drowned out, as they still pop out against the background.

8.) Vagabond

Vagabond manga panel

In these panels, Miyamoto Musashi visualizes himself in a forest as he struggles to let go. Takehiko Inoue uses his art to speak in this scene, as Musashi’s eyes shift from surprise to serenity. The amount of detail in the forest is also thoughtful, and it brings home the marvel of the character.

9.) Berserk

Berserk manga panel
Berserk panel

Kentaro Miura is a master artist, and his work in Berserk proves it. Fans will even argue that every episode has a panel worthy of being on this list.

The panel above portrays Ganishka as World Tree was beginning to take root. The perspective that Miura gives us is the point of view of the farmers. At this point, they remain unaware of what is yet to come. As such, all they can do is stop and stare in awe.

Further, the shading and detail of this landscape are impeccable. So much so that if you take the horses and farmers out, you can almost imagine it to be a painting by Van Gogh.

10.) Berserk

 Berserk  manga panel
Berserk manga panel

How many distinct characters do you see in this panel? Fifty? Go on, take a guess.

No. There are 147 characters in this panel. The amount of planning and outlining that Miura put into this one scene is unimaginable.

The composition is especially commendable. Notice that in the sea of 147 characters, your eyes are immediately drawn to the main characters. The branches and the fairies all serve as a frame. Truly, one of the most profound panels ever drawn.

11.) Jagaaan

Jagaaan manga panel
Jagaaan manga panel

In this scene, a monster rips through the school. He rips apart hallways in the process, and you can see the movement on the left part of the page. It is as if the walls are expanding to accommodate him.

The blends between the black and grays are seamless, and there is realism in the monster’s anatomy. It is interesting to note that the monster has human hands, while Jagasaki has monster hands. This adds to the complexity of the panel.

12.) Gantz

Gantz manga panel
Gantz manga panel

Gantz is a treasure cove of wonderful artwork. The level of dimension in this particular panel is stunning. You are looking at someone watch the robots tear apart the city. The intricacy is so stunning that you would think it was a scene from a movie.

13.) One-Punch Man

 One-Punch Man manga panel
One-Punch Man manga panel

Yusuke Murata has arguably created some of the best panels in manga history. Look at this one from chapter 132. The detailing and use of light and darkness are exquisite.

Notice the added sun rays and light leaks shooting past earth, making it much more realistic. It would be more reasonable to think of it as a photo instead of a drawing, but he really drew that. The level of talent and skill is just astounding.

14.) One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man manga panel

And then there’s this panel from Boros invasion. Beyond the finer details of smoke and city, the size of Saitama next to the warship gives us a good sense of the scaling. The enemy is enormous, and it lets us know of the battle that is to come. This panel is both technically and emotionally brilliant.

15.) Inuyashiki

Inuyashiki manga panel

Inuyashiki was also created by Hiyora Oku, the same mangaka as Gantz. In this panel, you can see how he employs cleaner techniques to portray chaos and dimension. He uses grays to create the smoke and city, highlighting the all-black coat of Inuyashiki.

The apparent simplicity of the scene adds to its greatness. Hitora Oku shows us that he does not need to draw robots to make us feel danger looming. A spectacular car crash with a main character ready to power up is enough.

16.) Kokou no Hito

Kokou no Hito manga panel

Shin-ichi Sakamoto is famed for his purposeful use of black and white in his panels. This one is particularly dazzling, as you get the sense of flying with the birds into the light. The lines are crisp, and you get the sense of shadow as the birds turn as they get close to the sun.

17.) Kokou no Hito

Kokou no Hito manga panel
Kokou no Hito manga panel

You see a similar technique here, as he uses different pencil grades to create the scene. This adds to the scene’s weight, as two friends embark on their most dangerous adventure yet. This adds to the scene’s weight, as two friends embark on their most dangerous adventure yet. This adds to the scene’s weight, as two friends embark on their most dangerous adventure yet. The snow is distinct from the ground, and the night is decipherable from their hair and clothing.

18.) Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the immortal panel
Blade of the immortal panel

Hiroaki Samura maintains a sketch-like technique throughout this manga. It is both graceful and unconventional. The characters are clearly rendered, and the backgrounds are simple and tasteful. This is true to the manga’s historical roots, making it easier for the reader to distinguish the art.

19.) Innocent Rouge

Innocent Rouge manga panel

When Marie Antoinette gets into her thoughts, mangaka Sakamoto Shinichi employs dream-like sequences. For example, there is an ethereal feel to this panel. It is detailed, beautiful, romantic.

But what makes it stand out is that this is in stark contrast to the overall theme of the manga. Innocent Rouge explores sadistic torture and swift executions. That Marie Antoinette has tranquil frames like this gives poignance to her demise.

20.) Hideout

Hideout manga panel

Hideout is a horror manga that certainly earns its keep in the genre. This panel alone is terrifying. Kirishima is about to be attacked by this flesh-eating creature, but he’s staring at you. That says something about the progression of danger.

Also, Masasumi Kazuki’s use of darkness in this scene is sublime, perfect for the narrative. The panel strikes you, just as horror art should.

21.) My Hero Academia

 My Hero Academia manga panel
My Hero Academia manga panel

MHA fans will attest that this scene deserves a place on this list. Overhaul’s hand crossing over the panels while Midoriya jumps back is ingenious. It’s as three-dimensional as it could be.

Add this to the fact that this was a high-stakes, high-tension fight. These elements add up to create a first-rate manga panel.

22.) My Hero Academia

 My Hero Academia  manga panel
My Hero Academia manga panel

Now, this one from chapter 255 was chilling. Shirakumo seemed to share a body with Kurogiri, and there was inner conflict. It’s amazing how Horikoshi managed to convey so much emotion through the eyes and the sketch style.

23.) Kingdom

 Kingdom manga panel
Kingdom manga panel

Can you hear the theme song playing? This panel just invokes that emotion. The unity, camaraderie, and confidence among the Qin Generals are palpable. It’s simply iconic.

24.) Bakemonogatari

 Bakemonogatari manga panel
Bakemonogatari manga panel

In this panel, you can see Tsubasa Hanekawa reading a book. It’s mundane, and that’s what makes it great. The scene is so intricate that it feels as if you were transported to where she is. It’s peak shoujo, even though Bakemonogatari is not.

25.) Bakemonogatari

 Bakemonogatari  manga panel
Bakemonogatari manga panel

Ogure Ito outdid himself with this one. The glass shattered, and the light is reflecting off the shards. The fluidity of the movement is quite evocative.

Koyomi is unfazed, even as the monster appears behind him. If you splice the panel down the middle, you will see a sharp yet complementing contrast.

26.) Coffee Moon

Coffee Moon manga panel

This panel from chapter 4 of Coffee Moon is plain art. In this scene, Pieta uses her special umbrella to control time. As such, the droplets of rain falling to the ground and the splashes of water make it seem like a still shot. This is the world at 1/60 speed.

27.) Remina

Junji Ito is a horror master, and this panel proves that. At first glance, your eyes will be naturally drawn to the big eye. And then your eyes shift downwards, and you notice the girl on a cross.
What’s amazing is that this small detail online shifts the whole tone of the scene.

The huge eye can come from any shounen manga, but then there’s the girl. It suddenly becomes much more petrifying.

28.) Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man manga panel
Chainsaw Man manga panel

If there is one thing that Chainsaw Man excels at, it is visual storytelling. There is barely any dialogue in the manga, but the panels speak for themselves. It’s absolute gore but inspired.

In this scene, Denji gets fully transformed into Chainsaw Man for the first time. He then kills the Hell Devil in one shot. This is Denji with Hell Devil’s blood splattering. The strokes are violent, but he is calm. It is one of the most iconic moments in the series.

29.) Remina

 Remina manga panel
Remina manga panel

This is the Infinite World of Halloween from chapter 70. This panel invokes surrealism, as it connotes the vastness of the Universe. One can only imagine how much time Tatsuki Fujimoto spent drawing those very tiny books.

Here, Santa Claus fell into a bottomless pit of the knowledge of the universe. He is small compared to the shelves to imply that humans are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The image contains metaphors without even employing words.

30.) Land of the Lustrous

 Land of the Lustrous manga panel
Land of the Lustrous manga panel

This panel is a contemporary piece, and it seems as if it came out of architecture the magnitude of the setting. It truly is a land of the lustrous.

31.) Asteroid

 Astroid manga panel
Astroid manga panel

Astroid is a manga that has rather eclectic art. This panel contains one of its tamer, more streamlined moments.

The swirls create a sort of optical illusion. This makes the galaxy, planet, and ground appear broken up. There is a distinctive use of black and white with little gray, which adds to the visual caricature.

32.) Memories of Emanon

Memories of Emanon manga panel

The Memories of Emanon manga is drawn with somber themes. Here, Emanon is drenched as she walks through the forest. Then she seems to break the fourth wall, igniting a connection with the reader.

Shinji Kajio uses similar line techniques on Emanon’s hair and the surrounding trees. This is atmospheric, and it implies Emanon’s singularity with the world around her.

33.) The Ancient Magu’s Bride

The Ancient Magu’s Bride manga panel

The use of distortion and direction in this panel from Chapter 35 is brilliant. Here, Hatori is caught in freefall as Ruth swoops in to catch her. It’s a dangerous situation, but she notices the wonder in her eye. She can’t help it, as she gets a literal bird’s eye view of the evening night sky.

34.) Discommunication

 Discommunication manga panel
Discommunication manga panel

Discommunication is full of detailed, labyrinthine panels. This one is arguably the most complex. Riichi Ueshiba is a master of intricacy. No matter where you look in this panel, you will notice something different.

On the left-middle part of the panel, you will find someone who looks like Robin from Batman. On the lower right is a man reading a newspaper. And right in the middle is a peace sign with three fingers.

35.) Sanzennenme no Kamitaiou

The background work on Sanzennenme no Kamitaiou is impressive, to say the least. Notice how the main characters are in black and white, with light illuminating them. Meanwhile, the background is flat and gray. This gives dimension and layer to the panel. The fact that this manga is underrated does not take from the fact that this is superior art.

36.) Gigantomakhia

Gigantomakhia manga panel

Gigantomakhia is a sci-fi written by Kentaro Miura of Berserk. As you can imagine, the panels are just as astounding. He employs similar drawing techniques, except in grander scales. This is why fans say that Gigantomakhia was simply made for Miura to flex his art muscles.

The panel portrays the beginning of the tribal wars. The world-building is spectacular, and this was wonderfully done through the art.

Ogun’s look of horror emphasizes the perspective we are given. From this point of view, the threat of the Empire becomes real.

37.) Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss manga panels

On this page, we see all the elements that make the art of Made in Abyss unique. The characters are constructed in round forms. The background maintains a middle tone to bring a broader tonal value to the environment. This is in contrast to the heavy content and narrative.

In this panel, Tsukushi Akihito uses light and shadow to make Reg and Faputa the center of the page. He uses contrast to guide the reader’s eyes, and the compositions are excellent.

38.) Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter manga panel
Hunter x Hunter manga panel

This panel is from Chapter 339. Gon and the Amateur Hunters are watching small-billed swans. It’s a picture-perfect moment, and Yoshihiro Togashi employs different art styles.

For the small-billed swans, he used a dotting technique. For the main characters, he kept things clean with outlines. He then sets them in all black against a bright backdrop, making them the focal point.

39.) Hunter X Hunter

 Hunter X Hunter manga panel
Hunter X Hunter manga panel

Any Hunter x Hunter fan would be able to point out what this scene is. It’s that legendary. However, even a non-reader can look at this panel and recognize its poignancy.

Spoiler alert: Komugi and Meruem by each other’s side at the time of their deaths. It’s especially touching because they chose to die this way. In an unlikely twist, the most powerful villain succumbed to love. The simplicity of the art drove in the solemness of the moment.

40.) Zetman

Zetman manga panel
Zetman manga panel

The use of darkness and black grading in this panel makes it very strong. It may seem simple, but Masakazu Katsura was able to make this scene outstanding through the shadows. The drawing is very crisp, almost as if it was created for an anime instead of a manga.

41.) Naruto

Naruto manga panel
Naruto manga panel

This shuriken clash between Sasuke and Itachi is marvelously done. It deserves a place on this list. The lines depict the movements, and the fierce eyes emphasize the intensity of the scene. Then there’s the unique use of a geographical layout. These make for a visually satisfying panel.

42.) Naruto

 Naruto manga panel
Naruto manga panel

This panel depicting Naruto’s return to Konoha is a fan-favorite, and for a good reason. First, it induces nostalgia for long-time fans. Second, the artwork is deliberate and upscaled. Third, the angle makes you feel like you’re standing on that platform with Naruto, looking over the town.

It has both the emotional and technical elements to induce a reader’s admiration. Masashi Kishimoto certainly knows what he’s doing.

43.) Naruto

 Naruto manga panel
Naruto manga panel

Of course, we have to include the most iconic Shinra Tensei manga panel to this list. This ariel shot of Konoha with doom looming over is stunning, to say the least. It is so well done that you can identify previous settings included here like it’s a map. On the bottom left corner, you can even see the hospital building where Sasuke and Naruto fought.

44.) One Piece

 One Piece manga panel
One Piece manga panel

This panel may not seem much at first glance, but so many layers make it spectacular. The way Zoro is inked dark as he rose from the dead made Mr. One halt. It’s one panel from the fight, but we are already given an idea of how it will go.

Here, Eiichiro Oda makes use of the one-point perspective. This is a way of creating an illusion of depth. We are then given the view of a bystander, ready to watch the fight unfold.

45.) One Piece

 One Piece manga panel
One Piece manga panel

This is a spectacular one. In this panel, Kaido is revealed as an Azure Dragon. His beast form is half the size of a small town; he simply towers over everyone. The sprawl of his serpent’s body, the flame and fumes, and the proportions are impressive, to say the least.

46.) Akira

 Akira manga panel
Akira manga panel

This is the famous Neo Tokyo explosion from Akira. Katsuhiro Otome used a massive amount of crosshatching to show the volume of the sphere.

He could have just drawn a circle and fill it in black, but he didn’t. This is because he wanted to honor that millions of lives are being lost in this panel. He then spent an entire evening gradually blackening the sphere with thin lines.

If he brings that much detail to that sphere, you can only imagine how much work he put into the rest of the scene. Truly a great manga panel created by one of the greats.

47.) Akira

 Akira manga panel
Akira manga panel

In this scene, we see Kaori fading away after a tragic relationship with Tetsuo. Katsuhiro Otome employs a more simplistic technique for this panel. Yet, it is just as profound and provoking. The jagged edges and the ripped clothing emphasize the tragedy.

48.) Demon Slayer

 Demon Slayer manga panel
Demon Slayer manga panel

It could even work as a movie poster. This panel of Tanjiro during the dance of the Sun God is layered yet balanced. You can nearly see his smooth movement as he splices the air with his sword. Still, you do not feel the page is too crowded, even with plenty going on.

49.) Attack on Titan

 Attack on Titan manga panel
Attack on Titan manga panel

Chapter 130 of Attack on Titan contains the manga’s best panels, which are the most explosive of all. This is Eren, showing us what nightmares are made of. We are given a firm grasp of the magnitude of the scene. Add that to the terrified faces of the soldiers, and we have a semblance of the destruction that is to come.

50.) Attack on Titan

 Attack on Titan manga panel
Attack on Titan manga panel

To wrap up this list, let’s look at this panel of Eren, obviously created for fan service. This is hailed as Attack on Titan’s best panel by fans, constantly used as wallpapers and printed on posters. If a panel is that well-received, it’s got to be considered one of the best. That’s that.

51.) Death Note

Takeshi Obata is renowned for his capacity to create realistic drawings. This panel is an example of that.

He successfully utilizes shading and blending to create visual nuances. Though set in the evening, he makes it appear as if moonlight was reflecting off the capes of the people. And their eyes, downcast, convey exactly how they feel as they made the trek to the cliff.

52.) Chi no wadachi

This manga is categorized as suspense and horror. This one panel gives a glimpse of that.

Seiko here is drawn in cross hatches. This makes her appear terrifying and provides a foreboding of what is to come. Then there’s the scared, darkened look in their eyes of Seiichi. It captures the moment when he realizes that his mother is dangerous.

The contrast between the characters also speaks of their drifting relationship.

53.) Platinum End

It’s amazing how the entire panel seems to be drawn with different shades of light. Everything appears iridescent as the sun shines on Mirai and Nasse. The feathers and light streaks around them emphasize the moment. Meanwhile, their gazes appear still, in wonder.

It’s a great breather in an otherwise action-filled manga.

54.) Battle Angel Alita

Alita in this panel is simply magical. Chaos surrounds her, yet there she is, in the center of everything. The debris seems to just float and freeze around her. It is as if the world stilled and she began mustering the power inside her. It signifies the calm before the storm.

55.) Uzumaki

Uzumaki will quite literally make your head swirl. It is a horror story, so the elements are supposed to make you feel uncomfortable and dizzy.

That’s what this panel invokes. There are dashes, hatching, scribbles, spirals, and interwoven lines. They were meant to be overwhelming beside each other.

56.) A girl on the shore

If the style is familiar, it’s because this was also created by the mangaka of Oyasumi Punpun.

In this panel, we see Koume gazing out on the water. The waves hitting the sand show movement that is accurate to reality. Meanwhile, the sea barriers provide stunning texture and contrast. Yet they all appear too close.

Then we gaze out, and we see an open expanse with birds. This portrays freedom and it allows the character room to breathe. Readers then feel the sensation Koume is feeling at the moment.

57.) Gon

This is an image you’d expect from a nature book, not a manga. The sheer amount of attention put into every animal is impressive. The shading on each one is impeccable.

Yet somehow, Gon isn’t drowned out by all the other animals. The way his head is contoured and his eye is shaded make him stand out among the crowd.

58.) Homunculus

Homunculus as a whole is a visual treat. Take this panel for instance. It has a depth that makes it appear realistic. Indeed, it is as if we were in the scene, walking along as well.

The fine lines and textures on the jackets add to this sensation. The crowd forming from afar also helps create the dimension.

59.) Biomega

If you look closely, you can see the different techniques used to draw this panel. The cross hatching and diagonal hatching are impeccable. They give the image texture and dimension.

Still, the stippling on the lower area makes this even more impressive. It makes Kanoe the only element that is properly blended. Hence, he stands out even with the marvelous backdrop.

60.) Blame!

At first glance, your eyes would be drawn to the seemingly endless rise of the staircase. Then as you gaze lower, you see Killy. It’s a perfect representation of how small he seems amid “The City.”

Then there’s the stunningly clean yet dark lines, perfectly drawn by Tsutomu Nihei. This panel required a lot of time, hatching, and blending.

61.) Sun Ken Rock

Boichi truly nailed the art with this panel. The soft brushing of the clouds blends perfectly with the sharp lines of the mountains. The shading makes the panel appear realistic, save for the manga elements on Ken’s body.

It is said to be based on the “Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog” by Casper David Friedrich.

62.) DRCL Midnight Children

Here’s another impressive one from Sakamoto. The dynamics is this panel is astounding.

The light and airiness of the child directly contrast the graveyard and looming castle in the background. The falling petals somehow invoke spring yet they fall in a place where death rests. It is perfect for a gothic horror story such as this.

63.) Innocent

Fair warning: this panel is a bit graphic. Yet somehow, Sakamoto Shinichi still managed to make it somewhat romantic using contour lines. It captures both the brutality and beauty of the Victorian age. The skill it takes to draw something like this cannot be understated.

64.) Dorohedoro

If you want a manga that will shock you with its art and story, Dorohedoro is the one.

Just look at the line work on this panel from chapter 19. It’s set in a sewer. Readers are able to get a feel of how dark the place is by the shading alone and rugged details alone. The water may be black, but the surrounding elements capture the eye more because of their detail.

65.) Akatsuki no Yona

This panel accurately reflects just how much Yona has changed. Her eyes are wise, deep. The shading on her is light, almost faded. Her sword speaks battle. She is no longer the naive princess that she was. It’s impressive how Mizuho Kusanagi managed to capture all of that in this image.

66.) Kingdom

Can you imagine the amount of detailing put into this scene? The perspective readers are given from the top makes the armies and kingdom appear small. Then we have the archer, seemingly powerful and mighty against them all.

The dimensions on this panel are fascinating and well worth the stare.

67.) Black Clover

For the most part, Black Clover’s art is like every other shounen manga. But then there are standouts like this one.

This occurred in chapter 314 when the gate to the Tree of Qliphoth opened. The throng of monsters displays how overwhelming the fight may will. The lines and details on them are meant to portray chaos and disruption to the eyes of the reader.

Meanwhile, the use of intense black on all other spaces emphasizes the “Underworld.”

68.) Record of Ragnarok

In this panel, we see Adam battling it out with Zeus. While Zeus is the most powerful for his hits and endurance, Adam copies these and returns them tenfold. Hence, we have the arm of fists just punching through.

Just one look at this panel and we’re able to get a sense of how overwhelming the fight is. There is a seemingly 3D effect that was achieved by creating multiple layers. We have the ground then Zeus, then the fists, then the words.

69.) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Hirohiko Araki is a genius. The panels in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are unique, intricate, and excellent.

This image is the final panel in Stone Ocean and signifies the end of over a century of adventures. Having all the characters in the sky like that is bittersweet and meaningful for the fans.

Further, from an objective point of view, it is easy to see that the artistry put into this is significant. The lines used in the downpour are smooth yet striking. The characters and setting overlap yet don’t overwhelm.

70.) Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui really blew it out of the park with this one. Here, we see the Tokyo Manji Gang facing off with their rivals. The lightning put right in the middle of the two gangs gives tension. It also signifies separation between them.

We can also observe how one side is portrayed as light, and the other side is portrayed as dark. So, though they may have similar stances, they still give off different vibes.

Now, it’s time to hear from you:

Did I have any panels that you believe should be on this list?

What is your favorite manga panel?

Whatever your answer is, let’s hear it in the comments below.

Top 70 Best Manga Panels That Will Make You Stare

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  1. Hi, do you have a book version of this? Or do you know of any coffee table type books that have a collection of some of the best manga panels? Thank you! This is a beautiful article.

    1. I’m in the process of creating that I’m aiming to work with Sueshia on this.

  2. I love this list! The only thing I would include would be the panels from Bleach during the Thousand Year Blood War arc when Byakuya is begging Ichigo to save soul society after the fight with As Nodt. Kubo really went all out with this to signify the gravity of the situation. Byakuya finally recognizes Ichigo as their best chance for survival. Ichigo faces the bleak reality that they may not win this war. The scene itself is illustrated almost entirely by heavy dark tones.

    Kubo is a master of paneling, and this scene is one of his best.

  3. in my opinion this tanjiro manga panel is one of my favorite. i tried drawing it and it took me about a day. its rly good i thnk it deserves more credit

  4. There should be some sun-ken-roc on this list.

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