Manga volumes

30 Best Manga Box Sets in English from Every Popular Genre

Manga boxed sets are an excellent way to collect manga volumes. Some of them come in unique packaging, while others come with posters and freebies. The price of a manga set can be cheaper than the price of buying collective individual volumes. But did you know Not every manga gets a box set? You have […]

Is Your Manga Turning Yellow? (Why and How to Stop It)

Have you ever found yourself wanting to re-read your old manga books? Then when you go and get them, you discover that they have turned yellow over time. Some people like this, as they think it gives their manga an authentic and vintage feel. However, others don’t like that they paid for the new manga, […]

How Many Manga Chapters are in Anime?

There are usually more manga chapters than anime episodes, with just the significant scenes captured in the animation. How many manga chapters are in anime? A single anime season can cover anywhere between 10-40 chapters. Mangas that are ongoing usually have more chapters covered since their anime adaptations go on for several seasons. You may […]

What is a Manga Volume? Complete Guide

Before they are compiled into manga books for distribution, mangas are first published in anthology manga magazines. These magazines are distributed weekly or monthly, and their pages contain the updates of multiple mangas from different authors. They are then compiled into manga volumes. What is a manga volume? A manga volume is a collection of […]

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