Your Lie in April (Manga vs. Anime vs. Live-Action)

We frequently encounter famous manga that ends up being adapted into anime. Some are so successful; they are even made into live-action shows or movies. While some adaptations stay faithful to the source material, others make a few changes. This article will compare the manga, anime, and live-action of Your Lie in April. The source […]

Classroom of the Elite (Light Novel vs. Manga vs. Anime Differences)

In Japan, some titles are so good they end up being adapted in multiple mediums? It’s similar to how Marvel and DC comics end up having movies, television series, and books. This article will compare the light novel, manga, and anime versions of Classroom of the Elite. The source material is the light novel, which […]

What is an Anime Adaptation?

Did you know that 60% of the world’s animation-based entertainment falls under anime? And contrary to popular belief, anime are not considered cartoons. This means that on its own, anime is a billion-dollar industry. What is an anime adaptation? An anime adaptation is when a manga (Japanese comic book) is turned into a visual animated […]

How Many Manga Chapters are in Anime?

There are usually more manga chapters than anime episodes, with just the significant scenes captured in the animation. How many manga chapters are in anime? A single anime season can cover anywhere between 10-40 chapters. Mangas that are ongoing usually have more chapters covered since their anime adaptations go on for several seasons. You may […]

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